Lulu is "half-expecting" her "body to crumble" on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

half-expecting her body to crumble

Of the female stars lined up for the BBC ballroom dancing show, only three are under 50, and former pop singer Lulu, who is 62, is nervous about the effect the vigorous weekly dance routines will have on her.

She told the Daily Express newspaper: "I would say I'm good for a few moves but I am not a dancer so I'm feeling nervous. I've been watching the professional dancers do ballroom and it's so technical.

"I'm terrified of the waltz, to be honest. It's so slow and measured. At my age I get aches and pains so I'm half-expecting the body to crumble."

The 'Shout' singer started doing Pilates two months ago in preparation for the show - although she admits she wishes she'd "started 12 years ago" - but feels her strongest asset for success in the competition is her positive attitude.

She added: "It's about your mindset. If you feel old, you will be old. Don't feel old. Feel good now. Work at it. People heard me sing 'Shout' and they thought, 'She won't last long.' I thought 'I'll show you.' I was determined. I learnt. That's why I'm still here. I feel I can go on till I'm 80 or longer if I take care of myself."

'Strictly Come Dancing' - which this year features stars including Holly Valance, Jason Donovan and Anita Dobson - starts on BBC One this Saturday (10.09.11).