MyAnna Buring

MyAnna Buring

MyAnna Buring might have hit the screen most recently in the latest film in the Twilight saga, a role which we spoke to her about recently, but is the Swedish actress set to become one of the biggest names in British TV?

While MyAnna might be a presence we’ve become more accustomed to on the silver screen, but in a trend both here and in America, the movies stars are flocking towards this new golden age of TV drama. And MyAnna looks like she’s about to not only join the stars, but lead the charge.

Earlier this year she turned heads in the BBC’s excellent noir series Blackout, taking what might have been a slight role and made it her own, making her tortured club girl into something truly special. In an ensemble including Christopher Eccleston and Andrew Scott, it might have proved difficult for her to hold her own, but MyAnna was more than a match for her male co-stars.

MyAnna’s set to return to our TV screens in the ITV adaptation of bestselling novel The Poison tree in the lead role of Karen, a woman haunted by tragic events that took place over a decade ago. It’s a role that will she her really stretch those dramatic muscles.

The Poison Tree isn’t the only thing that looks set to propel MyAnna to the top either, with her securing a couple of other juicy roles that will easily make her TV’s Miss December.

First up after The Poison Tree is the hotly anticipated holiday special of Downton Abbey, which will see the first introduction of MyAnna to the cast of characters working downstairs in the big house. The drama’s proved to be a massive ratings grabber for ITV this year, and getting any role on the show is now a highly coveted prize.

It’s not the only period costuming we’ll be seeing her in before the year is out, as she’s also set to be a major part of the BBC’s dark new drama Ripper Street, seeing her star alongside Matthew Macfayden as the head of a brothel in the 1800s set thriller.

2013 will also see MyAnna a part of our TV lives, with her set to star in the newest Marple mystery to hit screens next year, alongside an all-star cast.

With a stellar year under her belt, the future looks very, very bright for the blonde beauty.


The Poison Tree starts Monday, December 10th at 9pm on ITV1

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