The Beat the Clock challenge for Team PCB on WWE Monday Night Raw was fully underway last night, with Becky Lynch, Paige and Charlotte all battling it out to become the number one contender for Nikki Bella's WWE Diva's Championship.

Becky Lynch kicked things off with a bout against Alicia Fox, which saw some impressive back-and-forth action from the pair before Becky managed to set the bar and lock in her submission move Disarm-Her, taking home the win at 3 minutes 21 seconds.

Charlotte was up next in a bout against Brie Bella, in a match following their last pairing which saw Charlotte force Brie to tap out. This time round, Brie ran around the ring to try and maintain her distance from Charlotte and protect her sister from going up against her at Night of Champions. Charlotte managed to finish her match with a couple of big moves however and got the three count on Brie at 1 minute 40 seconds, leaving Paige with a tough feat.

Paige's match was against perhaps the WWE Universe's favourite new addition to the Divas roster, Sasha Banks, and the two put on an incredible battle with Paige hitting a huge running knee. The Ram-Paige could have seen Paige beat the clock, but Sasha was pulled to safety outside the ring by her Team BAD team-mates, meaning Paige failed to beat the clock and Charlotte became the number one contender for the Diva's Championship.

Team Bella then came out to look their competition in the eye, with Nikki holding her title high whilst closing in on the longest reigning Diva's Championship record, surpassing AJ Lee in under 14 days if she's able to hold the title as expected.

WWE's Night Of Champions takes place on September 20 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

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