'Ashes to Ashes' star Philip Glenister is delighted with the show's new "female influence" Keeley Hawes.The 43-year-old actor is looking forward to being "probed" by the 'Spooks' beauty in the BBC's follow-up to hit series 'Life on Mars', and admits his character detective Gene Hunt falls for her feminine charms.He said: "It's great to have Keeley playing DCI Alex Drake."The relationship between her and Gene is an important part of the show and it is great to have a female influence. "With her female instinct she probes and gets things out of him nobody else can."I think it's quite important to see a man losing his grip and recognising that, and trying to conform."Glenister also revealed he wants Gene to be killed off at the end of the series.

He said: " 'Life On Mars' was set in the 70s and this set in the 80s, but I don't think we should go beyond that. Or back in time for that matter - I can't see Gene in a trilby.

'Ashes to Ashes' sees Alex wakes up in 1981 after a horrific accident in 2008 apparently sends her back in time.

The BAFTA-winning 'Life on Mars' starred John Simm as detective Sam Tyler, who woke up in 1973 following an accident in 2006.