Lisa Snowdon has branded Abbey Clancy a rubbish chef.The 35-year-old TV presenter confessed she didn't have much faith in the blonde model - who appeared as a contestant on Lisa's series 'Britain's Next Top Model' - to win the ITV celebrity cooking show.Speaking at the Vodafone Live Music Awards, Lisa told BANG Showbiz: "I did get to catch Abbey on 'Hell's Kitchen'. I was very proud of her. She doesn't know what she's doing in the kitchen does she, bless her."But she's beautiful and she has got charisma, so I think she will go far.The brunette beauty also revealed she has signed up for a fourth series of 'Britain's Next Top Model', and added she deliberately tries to present the show differently to US host Tyra Banks.She added: "I'm doing another 'Britain's Next Top Model' next year, series four. I've had mixed reviews about who is better me or Tyra. I'm not very click, click, click. "But, Tyra does what she does and I do what I do. It's obviously very different, because America and England are very different. But I'm doing another one of those definitely, I love those shows."Lisa also revealed she has a number of other TV projects in the pipe line.

She added: "There are a couple of bits and pieces I'm doing. Another 'Through The Keyhole' on BBC 2 and I'm in talks with the BBC for a few others bits. But nothing is really signed off so I have to keep a bit shtum."

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