Heidi and Spencer

Heidi and Spencer

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt caused waves when they entered the Celebrity Big Brother house this year, dividing audiences and making this year’s instalment of the reality show one of the biggest yet.

Channel 5 have decided to go a bit deeper now, with Speidi: Scandal Secrets and Surgery hitting the airwaves next Monday. In preparation for the hour long special, we grabbed some time with Spencer and Heidi to talk about their time over in the UK.


This is a pretty frank look at you two. Were you worried at about it?

Heidi - No, we’re ready for more truth to be out there. We’ve definitely made mistakes along the way,  so I think it’s good to show where we’ve come from, where we’re going and why we did certain things and give us the chance to explain who we really are and what our thoughts were at the time. I think it’s going to be a great show.

It’s in the title, so we have to touch on the surgery. What are your thoughts looking back on it?

Heidi - It is what it is and I just wish I’d never talked about it. I opened it up to be a lifelong discussion which I really did not intend to do. That’s my biggest regret really.

You two definitely made an impression on Celebrity Big Brother. How much of what we saw of you was a character and how much was that just you?

Heidi - Honestly I was just trying not to quit every day. They only show an hour of the 24 you’re living, so it was a really intense, hostile environment with everybody. Not only was the house against us, but the producers were too. It was just a really hard situation to be in. I wasn’t really thinking whether I was playing a character or not, I was just thinking “Don’t quit, don’t quit”.

Spencer - I was going in there to play a game and I thought that going against everybody else was the best way to go. Clearly, we got saved the most, so for me that means we got first place. Whoever got saved the most, that’s the winner. So we won and I’ll look at us as champions forever.

Do you think it was easier or harder going in as couple?

Spencer- Way harder! Before many things I would say or do, I would hesitate because I didn’t want my wife to take any of the heat or retribution for my actions from the other housemates. I think it was way more challenging to be in there and have someone their you love and care about more than your own self.

You two are always together, so why are you two so against being separated? Do you two prefer being known as ‘Speidi’?

Spencer - Well, the Speidi thing, we don’t care that the media combined our names; it’s just a silly thing. We did have to be separated every day for The Hills, we rarely got to film together and they would always film us separately. So for years, we had to be in two separate worlds. Heidi would drive off one way, I’d go another. Heidi also just did another show called Famous Food for VH1 and for nine weeks, every day she was filming from 6 til 12pm. We’ve done that before and it’s just not fun.

Heidi - Yeah, we just choose to be with each other when we can be with each other. You never know what’s going to come up or what’s going to happen so when we’re together we just enjoy our time together. I go home and see my family a few times a year, but we just really like being together. That’s the beauty of being married.

You got a lot of negative comments throughout your time in the house. What was that like from your end?

Heidi - Actually, we haven’t had any negative comments or anything like that, and we’ve had hunded of people come up to us. We had a signing with OK Magazine a couple of weeks ago and not one negative comment came up. The main comment’s I heard we things like “I never watched Big Brother and I only watched it because you guys were on it” and “it was great”. So the fact that we got a whole new audience to tune in was great. I’m sure other people like to say other things and gossip, but no one’s said a single negative thing to us.

You two are back in the States now, is it good being back in America?

Heidi - Absolutely. We have our puppies and the beach and our favourite foods and our clothes that we didn’t bring in case they we thrown in the pool. It’s great being home. I love being able to do the laundry again and the dishes just the basics you can’t do when you’re living in a hotel.

Spencer - For the first time I had supporters in England, so I miss the people cheering for me on the street like I’m a professional football player! I’m still trying to adjust to being normal Spencer over here in America.

So, what’s next for you two?

Spencer - Hopefully the Channel 5 special does so well that everyone wants more Speid and we can do series after series with Channel 5. This time we’ll put our money in the bank and save it to buy a castle in the English countryside!

Speidi: Scandal Secrets and Surgery is on Channel 5 on February 18th.

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