Hannibal's third season is to introduce a number of new faces including Richard Armitage as serial killer Francis Dolarhyde, AKA The Tooth Fairy, as well as Rutina Wesley as blind woman Reba McClane, who attracts Francis' attention.

Meanwhile, Zachary Quinto's lined up for a former patient of Dr. du Maurier, with Tao Okamota playing a handmaid for Hannibal's Aunt and Joe Anderson stepping into the role of deformed psychopath Mason Verger.

Now, three new posters for the series featuring the titular character have been revealed, and show that the cannibal is spoiling for a fight.

With fans of the series who have read the Thomas Harris novels potentially knowing what's coming next, there is always the possibility of surprises around each and every corner.

Hannibal returns for season three on NBC in America on June 4.

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