Amy Childs

Amy Childs

Amy Childs feels she has become a "brand" since leaving 'The Only Way Is Essex'.

The 21-year-old beauty quit the ITV2 reality show last year after two series and says she has no regrets as her manager Claire Powell has transformed her image.

She said: "Leaving the show was the best thing I did. I feel upset that some of the cast seem to have things to say about me. But maybe that's because I left first and I'm doing really good things for myself.

"Claire Powell's made me 'Amy Childs the brand', not just 'Amy Childs from TOWIE'.

"I hate talking about money but before 'TOWIE' I was making £6.20 an hour. Now I have four homes to safeguard me for the future."

Amy also insists she's still the same person she was when she was in 'TOWIE' and gets upset when people say she's changed.

She added in an interview with Now magazine: "I don't feel that at all. Essex made me. I still live with my mum and dad in Essex and not in Kensington or Chelsea. If I started becoming a diva, they'd probably punch me in the face."

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