Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor has learnt kung fu for 'Comic Relief'.

The former 'EastEnders' star - who had her fair share of onscreen fights when she played Peggy Mitchell in the BBC One soap - performed all her own stunts in a new comedy sketch made with one of the charity's partners,

She said: "For me, the stunt moves where I had to duel one of the baddies with a wooden broom were definitely the hardest to master - we had to do about 20 takes of that sequence. It was a bit of a departure from what I used to do in the 'Carry On' days!"

And 4ft 11in Barbara enjoyed it so much, she wants to take on 6ft 1in comedian Miranda Hart.

She added: "Of course I would emerge victorious as I'm much smaller than her, which means I'm really nifty!"

'Comic Relief' takes place on Friday March 15 on BBC One and will feature stars such as One Direction, Holly Willoughby, Jessie J and Alex Jones all taking part to help raise as much money as possible.