David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff

Kitt (sic) is very upset but I'm happy Great Review (of the show)

David Hasselhoff was left red-faced on Wednesday (12Dec12) after landing a parking ticket on his famous Knight Rider sports car.

The actor turned heads after pulling up to the Opera House in Manchester, England, in his high-performance KITT, the car fitted with artificial intelligence which featured in the hit 1980s show.

Hasselhoff, who is starring in a Peter Pan pantomime show at the venue, posed for photos with the vehicle, but accidentally left it in a non-parking zone and ended up with a citation slapped on his front window.

The star took to his Twitter.com page to share a photograph of the incident with fans alongside the message, "Kitt (sic) is very upset but I'm happy Great Review (of the show)"

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