David Walliams at Britain's Got Talent auditions

David Walliams at Britain's Got Talent auditions

David Walliams still finds it "hard" to reject 'Britain's Got Talent' wannabes.

Despite being in his second series as a judge on the ITV show, the 41-year-old star admits he doesn't find it any easier to turn down performers during auditions because the comic actor knows how it feels to be rejected after trying out for various programmes over the years.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I do find it hard to say no to the performers, yeah, because if you've been an actor and you've auditioned for things and people have turned you down then you know that feeling.

"Simon's never been turned down ... by anyone ... so he doesn't know what that is like. But you have to be honest as well because it's like feeding a stray dog. If someone hasn't really got what it takes then you want to let them down gently."

David admits it was a "very easy" decision to return to the panel alongside Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon because he enjoys showing viewers what he is like when he is not in character.

Speaking at 'Britain's Got Talent' auditions at the London Palladium, he added: "It was a very easy decision for me to come back to the panel because I've really enjoyed it and people see a different side of you at a show like this, especially if you've been acting and they've seen you in character and now they can see the real you ... sort of!

"It's great to have everyone back, you never know what's going to happen. You always think someone might get taken out of shot, but it hasn't happened."