Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley hopes 'Absolutely Fabulous' will go on "forever".

The 66-year-old actress intends to keep playing outrageous magazine editor Patsy Stone for many years to come and insists the special Olympics episode in July definitely wasn't the last for her and Jennifer Saunders.

Joanna told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We could go on and on. We've already flashed to a time when Patsy's drooling and propped up in a wheelchair with a drip attached to a vodka bottle.

"Her and Eddy (Jennifer) were about 102. No matter how badly Jennifer and I decay, we could carry on playing the characters forever.

"June Whitfield (who plays Eddy's mother) seems to be getting younger all the time."

The well-spoken actress revealed she's keen to plan new episodes of the sitcom, but Jennifer's prior commitments mean the beloved gang are only likely to reunite in 2013.

Joanna explained: "She's super busy with the Spice Girls musical Viva Forever! But she works fast so hopefully next year she'll start looking at 'Ab Fab'.

"I've sent her one or two emails to remind her - I'm hoping that a light lash of the whip will keep her motivated."

The star also admitted that as the years pass she bears more of a resemblance to her eccentric chain-smoking alter-ego on the long-running BBC show.

Joanna joked: "I only have maybe five a day. But playing Patsy has put me in a cage that makes me look like I smoke like an old wizard.

"I drink a fraction of what she does but I'm a bit like her. I don't have her vicious language but I adore her."