Johnny Ball

Johnny Ball

Johnny Ball does not think he is the "novelty" act in 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The 74-year-old presenter - who is the oldest person ever to take part in the competition - does not think he is following gin the footsteps of Anne Widdecombe and John Sergeant by being a comedic star, and wants to prove he can do well despite his age.

He said: "If I win, it means they've put 13 stumblebums up against me. At this stage I don't know if anyone expects to win, we're all just settling in.

"I don't see myself as the novelty older person or clown figure. I really think I can compete in terms of dancing. I'm the oldest contestant ever but I want to convince people I am not the age I am."

However, age is not completely irrelevant to Johnny - who is partnered with newcomer Iveta Lukosiute - as he heard dancing can help stop Alzheimer's Disease.

He added to Metro newspaper: "I want to do well irrespective of my age - I want to show if you keep fit and make an effort you can do amazing things regardless of what the number tell you.

"I read an article about how dancing can keep Alzheimer's at bay so maybe that's what I'm doing."

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