Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook will replace Fearne Cotton on 'Celebrity Juice'.

Fearne will be on maternity leave when the new season of the BAFTA-winning ITV2 show returns in February and creator Leigh Francis has called on Kelly to take on one of the team leader roles, along with Holly Willoughby.

He tweeted: "Juice returns in Feb and while lovely Fearne is off having her baby, Holly and I will be joined by the lovely @IAMKELLYBROOK (sic)."

An announcement on the official 'Celebrity Juice' Twitter account, added: "So excited we can finally announce @IAMKELLYBROOK as new team captain for next series. Wow! Welcome Kelly! #tissuesattheready (sic)."

Leigh previously joked his mother would be the perfect replacement for Fearne.

He said: "I think my mum would be the best replacement for Fearne because she's right fun and lovely, like the mum in 'Happy Days'."

He also admitted he was most surprised by guest Katie Price as she was much quieter than he expected.

Leigh explained: "When Kate Price is on she is right quiet. She builds a wall up and goes, 'Come on then, take the p**s out of me.'

"I'm like, 'It's not about that, we're going to hopefully get you doing something fun and we'll get to see another side of you.'

"That's what we try and go on 'Celeb Juice' rather than attack them verbally. It's all just a joke and isn't nasty."