Peter Vack as Jason Strider

Peter Vack as Jason Strider

MTV's 'I Just Want My Pants Back' will feature "sex in a fridge".

The comedy - which has been described as a mix of 'Skins' and 'How I Met Your Mother' - will kick off on MTV tomorrow night (27.03.12) with an episode which shows its lead character Jason Strider (Peter Vack) having sex in his refrigerator with Jane, a girl he meets in a bar.

Jane says: "Let's do it in your fridge" while Jason replies: "What a FANTASTIC email this will make tomorrow."

Jason also fills his best friend, Tina (Kim Shaw) in on his sexual exploits, saying: "I had sex with that girl last night IN MY F***ING refrigerator! I'm back, I feel stronger, and more confident, like one of those guys in the hair transplant commercials. And I played it totally cool, like this young James Van Der Beek."

The raunchy hipster show about four young adults trying to make it in New York after college will follow Jason as he attempts to track Jane down after she steals his heart and his pants following their night of passion.

'I Just Want My Pants Back', Tuesday at 10pm on MTV

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