Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby swap for Text Santa

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby swap for Text Santa

Phillip Schofield donned a dress and high heels to present 'Text Santa' last night (21.12.12).

The 50-year-old presenter and his 'This Morning' co-host Holly Willoughby had agreed to switch clothes if donations to the fund-raising show had reached £1.5 million by 10pm.

And when the total notched up at £2.6 million, Holly stepped out in a blue suit, while her co-presenter donned a low-cut red dress and silver high heels.

The blonde beauty couldn't resist another prank, surprising Phillip with a wax chest, which she slapped on his chest and quickly pulled off.

It seems Phillip enjoyed his change in outfit as he kept it on after the cameras stopped rolling.

He tweeted afterwards: "Well @hollywills has just nearly pee'd herself cos as I left the studio in the heels I fell over in front of most of ITV!!

"Ah well, worth it for over 2.5 million pounds!!! #textsanta (sic)".

Holly and Phillip weren't the only presenters to undergo a swap.

Earlier in the evening, duo Ant and Dec promised to do the last half of their hosting stint "back-to-front" if donations reached £500,000, prompting Dec to plead with viewers to make a donation so he could be placed first for once.

At 9pm, Dec took great delight in being re-introduced as 'Dec and Ant' when the total was reached.

A host of other stars, including Louis Walsh and Rylan Clark - who tackled a grim 'Yule Tucker Trial' - Paddy McGuinness, Gary Barlow and Dawn French were involved in last night's show.