Rick Edwards (Credit: Harleymoon Kemp)

Rick Edwards (Credit: Harleymoon Kemp)

Rick Edwards thinks Alex Reid should star on a celebrity edition of 'Tool Academy'.

The 33-year-old TV presenter - who hosts the E4 reality show, which sees 12 unsuspecting bad boys sent to a relationship boot camp - believes the 37-year-old cage fighter would be a good addition to a celebrity version of the series but admits the standard of stars would be worse than on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

When asked who should be sent to boot camp on a celebrity edition of 'Tool Academy', he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I don't honestly know which celebrities are badly behaved in their personal lives. Alex Reid? I suspect that the calibre of 'celebrity' that we'd be able to attract would be spectacularly low. Sub-'Big Brother'."

Rick admits he starts off being "disappointed" with many of the lazy lads on the show, but he eventually "likes" the majority of them by the end of the series.

He added: "I guess my rest state on 'Tool Academy' is one of disappointment. But they do tend to redeem themselves. I end up liking most of the lads, bless 'em. Why the girlfriends stay with them is one of life's great mysteries."

But one star Rick wouldn't like to see on 'Tool Academy' is Hollywood actor Daniel Day-Lewis, who he is hoping to hook up with again when he takes on the role of red carpet presenter for DISARONNO at the BAFTA Film Awards After-Party on February 10.

When asked who he is looking forward to meeting at the event, Rick replied: "Daniel Day-Lewis, obviously. The man is a powerhouse. I interviewed him years ago and suggested he would make a terrific Bond. Which he would. So it'll be nice to see how far that's progressed as an idea."

Rick Edwards is the red carpet presenter for DISARONNO at the BAFTA Film Awards After-Party. Watch here: www.facebook.com/Disaronno