Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais wants Warwick Davis and Karl Pilkington to join forces for a new show.

The comedian joked that he has plans for the 'Life's Too Short' actor to team up with his 'An Idiot Abroad' star to make a programme entitled 'The Short Way Round', which would see them travel around the world together on a bicycle.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Karl has finally signed the contract for 'The Short Way Round', cycling around the world with a dwarf in his basket. He signed this week so he can't back out now.

"When I told him that idea, he didn't say, 'That's ridiculous'. He said, 'So I'm doing all the f***ing pedalling?' That was his first problem with the idea."

Ricky's latest show 'Derek' sees him play simple soul Derek Noakes, who befriends the residents of a retirement home and he relished the chance to play a more normal character for once.

He said: "I just want to do normal people with normal problems again. It is time to do that.

"I want to explore some themes I haven't done before. I do like getting close to real emotion - I have never been scared of that.

"People assume my work is cynical and outrageous and it's never been. I've always liked realism. I have always found it interesting because there is nothing better than real life."

Channel 4's 'Derek' also features Karl in his first acting role.