Spencer and Heidi

Spencer and Heidi

'Celebrity Big Brother' hate figures Spencer and Heidi are set to be given their own reality TV show.

The American couple - known as Speidi - have angered their fellow housemates and viewers with their selfish and cruel behaviour, but bosses think they make great TV and want them to have their own programme.

The pair will travel the country poking fun at the UK and its traditions and will be offered the chance to meet all sections of British society, from the aristocracy and politicians to truck drivers and chip shop workers.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Speidi have been TV gold on 'Celebrity Big Brother' and are clearly no fans of the British.

"It makes perfect sense for them to bag their own explosive series here.

"Will Britain win them over or will they continue to mock everyone and everything?"

Spencer has said he thinks he and his wife will have huge success in Britain once they leave the house:

He said: "We're the king and queen of reality TV. We're gonna get our own show here in the UK."

During their time in the house, Speidi have clashed with 'X Factor' star Rylan Clark, made Steps singer Claire Richards cry and complained about how they hate every celebrity in the house.