Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Spencer Pratt has sensationally revealed he has been faking his controversial behaviour on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The 'Hills' star - who, along with his wife Heidi Montag, has refused to take part in tasks and constantly argued with housemates throughout the Channel 5 show - broke down in tears as he revealed he was "cast" to be a "bad guy" in the house and insists it has been tough for him to be "awful" to everyone.

In an emotional speech to his fellow housemates, he said: "This was the most challenging experience of my life, in the sense that in my heart I really do care about everyone and I had to dig deep to even say a negative thing, and be the bad guy. Usually it's so easy to do because people deserve what I'm saying. It was so challenging to do because I felt guilt.

"I do what I was cast to do and what they wanted me to do. It's a hard position because I would have loved to have come on this experience and just been normal, but that's not what they paid me to do so it's been very difficult for me to be awful but, you know, I just gotta be the bad guy. I've got to be the baddie and had to step up. People pay my bills and I just can't come all the way from America and be the good guy. That's not what they pay me for."

Heidi - who was also in tears watching Spencer crying - added: "I never see my husband cry."

Following the emotional exchange, Rylan Clark - who is strong favourite to win tonight's (25.01.13) final - and Neil 'Razor' Ruddock retreated to the outside smoking area and speculated whether Spencer and Heidi's tears were real or "crocodile tears for votes".

Razor said: "Do you reckon that's his final push for votes? He's come too far to breakdown on the last night, surely?"

Rylan said: "I dunno, before the final you have a breakdown? I can't believe anything that comes out of their mouths, but if that was genuine then I feel for him."

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' final - which will see either Rylan, Razor, Claire Richards, Ryan Moloney, or Spencer and Heidi crowned the winners of the series - takes place tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm.