Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke has reportedly turned down the lead role in 'The X Factor' musical.

The singer - who stormed to victory on Simon Cowell's flagship singing show in 2008 - has allegedly snubbed a main part in the Harry Hill-penned musical spoof based on the popular TV programme.

A member of Alexandra's entourage told the Daily Mail newspaper: "Alex wants to be viewed as a serious actress. 'The X Factor' musical will no doubt be a big hit, but it would be too obvious a move for her."

The £10 million musical - funded by Simon himself - will follow the journey of pop hopeful Shenise - believed to be loosely based on real life winners Alexandra and Leona Lewis - who goes from a caravan park to stardom.

The judging panel is made up of Geordie - based on ex-judge Cheryl Cole - a Louis Walsh-type character and Simon, who is revealed to be an world-dominating alien at the end of the stage show.

Alexandra has started having acting lessons in the hopes of reinventing her career and is said to be negotiating two West End show roles.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: "I'm taking a different direction. In the past there were TV and movie offers, but I wasn't ready to look at them as I wasn't confident enough."