As Netflix continues its domination of global streaming services, their deal with Marvel rolls on and the superhero genre brought to the company first by Daredevil moves into uncharted territory, with Jessica Jones released before the end of the year and Luke Cage following at the beginning of 2016.

Frank Whaley / Credit: FAMOUS

Frank Whaley / Credit: FAMOUS

Titular character Cage (Mike Colter) will develop superpowers following an experiment gone wrong, which sees him escape from prison and become a rent-a-hero, and now a new character and casting announcement has been made.

According to Deadline, Ray Donovan's Frank Whaley will join the series in the role of Detective Scarfe, a tough official who could be appearing in the role as a one-off, or as a regular character. With no further details released including the amount of episodes he'll be in, it should be interesting to see whether or not Scarfe will be a friend to Cage or somebody who wants to take him down.

Whaley was recently cast in Gotham as creepy subordinate Doug, who worked for the villainous Dollmaker, so he's no stranger to the television world of comic book adaptations. He's also had a recent role in Under The Dome, and is best-known for his acting in Pulp Fiction as Brett.

Luke Cage season 1 comes to Netflix in 2016. Daredevil season 1 is available now and Jessica Jones releases this Autumn.

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