Jonathan Ross thinks award ceremonies are a "bad idea" as they create "internal strife" between people in the same industry.

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

The 'Jonathan Ross Show' host has confessed that while he enjoys getting dressed up to walk the red carpet at various awards shows he thinks they create "internal strife" between people who should be friends.

He shared: "I've grown to the conclusion that awards are generally a bad idea for every industry... They often create a weird goal, a weird vision and a weird internal strife between people.

"You win one; you feel good for a while and feel bad for everyone else. You lose one, you feel bad - it's just a weird thing!"

However, the 54-year-old presenter - who has children Harvey, Honey and Betty with his TV producer wife Jane Goldman - admits he appreciates being able to meet up with other people in the industry for a good night out.

He told London Live at the 2015 Jameson Empire Awards: "What they are, though, is a great excuse to get everyone together for a party."

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