Maisie Williams has teased further details about her character on Doctor Who, saying they will test the Time Lord "heavily".

Maisie Williams in the TARDIS

Maisie Williams in the TARDIS

The 17-year-old actress - most famous for starring in 'Game of Thrones' - is currently shooting for the next series of the BBC sci-fi show and she is "getting excited about" being in the TARDIS.

In a radio interview, Maisie said: '(Filming 'Doctor Who' is) very, very exciting, and so cool. Fandoms are literally colliding and I'm getting excited about it. There's lots of speculation about who my character is, whether she's like a younger Clara [the Doctor's current sidekick, played by Jenna Coleman]. All that people know is that she tests the doctor heavily. That bit could be true but it could be a completely different character completely, but it's really great."

Maisie is also soon to be seen in 'The Falling', a film written and directed by Carol Morley about two best friends at an English girls' school, and has admitted that, due to the way that the director works, Maisie thought that all the other actors on set hated her.

Discussing the big screen role, Maisie said: "(Carol) creates these amazing atmospheres onset and, for 90 percent of the time, I thought that all the adults hated me and I was like, 'Why has everyone got a bee in their bonnet?' And then I realised it's because she'd told everyone to keep their distance. It was so annoying because I was trying to do my thing and prove I'm not a child, and it was horrible. It got to the wrap party and I realised everyone was pretending!"