As one of the most successful shows on television, The Walking Dead is making its big return this month for its sixth season, and creator of the comics it is based on Robert Kirkman has promised that the new batch of episodes are going to be big.

Chatting at New York Comic-Con, he explained: "This is going to be the most intense season of The Walking Dead yet. The first few episodes hit the ground running, and there'll be pretty big cliffhangers at the end of every episode."

He also said to crowds that "we'll do it" in terms of showing new settlements as well as Alexandria, though wouldn't commit when it came down to specifics.

When the topic of Big Bad Negan from the comic books was brought up, he replied: "I think it'd be cool for Negan to be introduced into the show, I don't know when that'll happen. I mean, I do, but I can't tell you."

Moving things on, Kirkman spoke about Lennie James' return to the series as Morgan.

"The character of Morgan does come back in the comic book series, too, so it was always the plan, and then Lennie James just kept working... it took a while to get him back."

And on the evolution of characters, with specific close attention given to Lauren Cohan's character Maggie, he said: "Maggie's character is evolving like all the others; she's become very assertive, she's someone Deanna is working with very closely. She's certainly bridging the gap between the Alexandrians and Rick's group. There's a lot of cool stuff with Maggie coming."

The Walking Dead season six premieres on AMC in the US on October 11, following in the UK on Monday, October 12.

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