James Hill has won 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

James Hill

James Hill

The former 'Apprentice' contestant appeared stunned when presenter Emma Willis announced he had pipped pal Austin Armacost to take the crown on this year's show.

James stepped out to cheers and fireworks and exclaimed "Oh my God" before admitting he was surprised to win.

He said: "I'm amazed, I can't believe it. I never ever would have expected it."

Even Emma admitted she was surprised by James' victory.

She told him: "On launch night, if I had to pick a winner, it wouldn't have been you."

Despite being accused of being competitive and having a strategy, James insisted he had no plan to win.

He said: "I didn't have a game plan, I just go with my heart and my gut.

You don't go in to make friends, but you do naturally. I got close to some people who hopefully I'll be friends for the rest of my life with."

An emotional Austin left the house first and insisted he was delighted his friend had won.

He said: "We've been through an insane journey and I'm so pleased I made a friend, we had a bond right from the beginning.

"At the end of the day, that dude is a great guy, he's been a strong pillar and he deserves the success and he deserves the crown."

Despite their closeness, Austin was devastated when James nominated him for eviction and he is still annoyed by his decision.

He said: "It devastated me. Initially I didn't know why, I thought I would never do that to him, but after he gave me his reasons, I don't understand them but I respect them and that's all I can say because it really p***es me off."

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