After completing their Bush Tucker 'Eat -Off' the lads settled down for their last supper before the fianl winner is chosen.

While Dougie was on the toilet being sick Mark read him the laminate detailing that they could have anything they liked for their final supper.

Dougie while you are on the poo I shall read the laminate or menu

Mark excitedly ran down to the toilet: “Dougie while you are on the poo I shall read the laminate or menu”.

After going through the mouth-watering menu Mark cried: “Yes the heavens have opened”.

Dougie shrieked: “This could be the biggest decision we ever make in our lives”.

After the boys go through all the foods they would love Dougie revealed: “This is the worst place to think about it…I can still taste bum, this is really hard to do when you can taste bum”.

They eventually agree on a starter with one garlic pizza bread with cheese & lasagne.  For mains they requested one extra-large deep pan extra cheesy pizza with half chicken, sweet corn and onion on the other half meat feast. For the second main they requested a large spaghetti with big meatballs Bolognese and cheese.  For dessert they requested a tower of chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate topping and for the other dessert a large sticky toffee pudding with caramel ice-cream.  And just to top it off they request for their drinks one large Snickers and Mars milkshake and an Oreo’s and cookies milkshake.

Dinner - After dinner, the boys settled down to their final night in camp.  Both couldn’t move after eating so much food and continued to burp and fart.

Mark felt his stomach and said “My stomach hurts so much, does yours hurt?”, Dougie said “Yeah, it’s like stomach cramps, I feel a little sick too”

“I’ve never eaten this much before” said Mark as he joined Dougie on the sofa, they both cuddled up to each other and spoke of their excitement about reaching the final before heading to their beds.


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