Team Green Britain

Team Green Britain

Eastenders has been named Britain's greenest soap - a high accolade considering that we should all be doing our bit to help save the environment.

The research, which was commissioned by EDF Energy, shows that characters in Eastenders are taking more action to reduce their on-screen carbon footprint, compared with those from any of the other soaps analysed.

The top five green soap families and characters:

1. The Mitchells / Shirley Carter - Eastenders
2. The Dingles / Zak Dingle - Emmerdale
3. The Websters / Rosie Webster - Coronation Street
4. The Mitchells / Ronnie Mitchell - Eastenders
5. The Barlows / Ken Barlow - Coronation Street

The study was conducted to encourage us all to think about the ways in which we use our energy in everyday lives. The characters were monitored for one month and judged against a set of green criteria, including things like their use of public transport, use of electrical appliances and whether they remembered to swtich off the lights.

Jim Poole, director of Residential Customers at EDF Energy, says: "While the research takes a light-hearted look at energy efficiency, EDF Energy is serious about helping Britons live more sustainably - that's why we sounded Team Green Britain. By highlighting the greens actions of the TV soap families we hope to encourage people to make more sustainable choices in their own everyday lives."

Mo Shapiro, behavioural psychologist adds: "This research from EDF Engery highlights that television soap operas could be reflecting an increased interest in sustainability and green living in Britain. Despite the growing influence of social networking in our lives, television certainly continues to exercise a significant influence over our behaviour and personal habits including being environmentally active. I would hope that seeing our favourite soap stars being environmentally aware will, in turn, have a knock on effect on the viewer's lifestyle choices."

Read our best tips on how to not only help the enviroment, but also save moeny on gas and electricity, here.

Commenting on the Eastenders win, Jim Poole adds: "Team Green Britain was founded to help people reduce their carbon footprint ahead of London 2012. It's therefore great to see that the famous TV characters from London's East End are already doing their bit to reduce their impact on the enviorment before the Games takes palce on their doorstep. To help them further we'll be sending one of our EcoManager devices to the et, making it easier for the charactes to ensure that electrical appliances in the Queen Vic are turned off coming closing time."

EDF Energy is the first sustainability partner of London 2012.

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