Still suspicious about Sarah's (Tina O'Brien) accusations, Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) is unnerved when she spots David (Jack Shepherd) and Tracy (Kate Ford) together again. Unable to shake her concern, she asks Jason (Ryan Thomas) if she can see the CCTV footage, which does little to settle her unease. Armed with the incriminating tape, Deirdre confronts a panicked Tracy, who tries to convince her mother that she's been comforting David who's still traumatised. She urges Deirdre to destroy the tape, but does she believe her daughter, and will she destroy the evidence? Meanwhile, Carla (Alison King) is still disturbed by her husband's extreme reaction to Ryan's (Ben Thompson) joyriding and, when his mood continues to worsen, she begins to suspect that he and Liam (Rob James-Collier) are hiding something from her. Elsewhere, Sean's (Anthony Cotton) beside himself about the trouble he's caused and his plight worsens when Sonny (Pal Aron) pays him a visit. He tells Sonny that they can’t have a normal relationship under the circumstances and despite his feelings, he's resolute and tells Sonny to stay away. Will Sean be able get over his heart-break and forget Sonny?