Leaving screens in 2013 following the death of his wife Gennie, Nikhil Sharma and his daughter Molly moved to Canada to begin a new life away from the painful memories of the village, so what could bring Nikhil right back to the place he desperately wanted to escape? Fans of Emmerdale will find out in the coming weeks and month.

Rik Makarem will reprise his role as Nikhil Sharma

Rik Makarem will reprise his role as Nikhil Sharma

Rik Makarem is reprising his role as Nikhil in the show as part of an exciting new storyline, with the beginning of his scenes being filmed later this month.

Chatting about his return, Rik says: "With fresh energy and wisdom from playing other characters, I'm over the moon to be re-investing in Nikhil. Emmerdale is fantastic at character driven stories and for any actor, this is massively rewarding."

Emmerdale Series Producer, Kate Oates adds: "I am thrilled to be welcoming Rik back. Nikhil previously left Emmerdale under sad circumstances as he continued to grieve for his wife Gennie, but with strong family roots in the village it was inevitable that he would reappear. But with Jai off the rails, Rishi at his wit's end and Priya flaunting her new-found ambitions, what will he make of the family he left behind?"

Nikhil's first scenes will air later this year.

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