Arrow's leading man Stephen Amell addressed what we should be expecting from the fourth season of the show following that exciting season 3 finale which had us all on the edge of our seats.

Asked about whether or not the Oliver and Felicity romance would continue, he replied: "I think that's the plan. As we know on our show, nothing bad ever happens when people are super happy."

He went on to add about when he knew Ollie would hang up the hood: "I knew that was how it was going to end last year at this time. They had a real plan this year. I didn't know I was going to die in the middle of the season, but I knew that [Oliver and Felicity] was the plan. I think it's a real cool opportunity for our show to transition toward something else. No pun intended."

Speaking about plans for season 4, he said: "I don't know, I have no sense. I had a real good sense outta [season] 1 into 2, and outta 2 into 3; I know nothing about season 4.

"I know a little bit about the flashbacks; actually, I know the whole flashback story. But in terms of present day, I don't know. Roy sacrificed himself, so if I were to recreate the suit and go out, it would undo all of the sacrifice that he made. So the Arrow persona - for better or for worse - it can't exist anymore."

Not giving much away about if he'll transition into DC's more traditional Green Arrow - "We'll see" - he did tease the new Big Bad for the show, stating: "Safe to say we'll hear that name again. H.I.V.E. Damien Darhk. Coast City - all that good stuff."

You can watch the full interview with Stephen Amell from TVLine in the video below.

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