Judges' Houses were an intense affair on The X Factor this year, with live audiences invited to take part in making the decision on who would make the live finals and the Final 12 in 2015's edition of the competition.

With Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Simon Cowell making their decisions on the Saturday night (October 24), Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora completed the Final 12 round-up with their choices on the Sunday (October 25), and we now know just who will be taking part in the seven weeks of live shows coming our way before a winner is crowned.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini - The Groups

4th Impact

Sisters Mylene, Irene, Almira and Celina make up this Filipina foursome, who have brought a fire and ferocity to the groups category which may not have been seen at this level before in the past. Describing themselves as "fierce, kind and doll-like", the young ladies know exactly what sort of group they should be, proving their talent with the different styles of music they've performed to-date.

Alien Uncovered

Delivering one of the most polished Judges' Houses performances the show has ever seen, Alien Uncovered proved exactly why they were a force to be reckoned with and are guaranteed to put on one hell of a show each and every week they remain in the competition.

Reggie 'N' Bollie

An infectious personality and charm is likely the thing that brought Reggie 'N' Bollie through to the live shows, as the duo don't have the most impressive vocals the contestants have to offer.

Simon Cowell - The Overs


Though there were claims Bupsi got nasty with Louis Tomlinson, giving the One Direction band member a lap dance, we saw none of that in her performance, but that didn't stop her from bringing her wild side out whilst taking on Rihanna's 'Jump'. She'll bring an energy to the live shows that perhaps some of the other contestants lack.

Anton Stephans

Anton didn't let a 'ghost' put him off his performance, and he gave his all for Carpenters' hit 'Superstar'. He's one of the more likeable contestants this year and had the nation laughing when he poked fun at Simon Cowell's botox. Spending his life as a backing singer, he's decided it's now time to step into the spotlight, and we should all be thankful he's sharing his talent with the world.

Max Stone

Slightly lacking in personality, charisma and charm, Simon hasn't been sold on Max throughout the competition and only changed his mind on putting the singer on the live shows in the last few moments of Saturday night's show. Whether Max will be able to connect with the audience is yet to be seen.

Nick Grimshaw - The Boys

Mason Noise

Whether for controversy or for his talent, Mason made the finals as Nick's first choice to go through, which the crowd on the night weren't appreciative of. Gaining both boos and cheers, Mason is going to have to work hard to get the UK on his side.

Ché Chesterman

His talent is absolutely undeniable, and after his performance at Judges' Houses there was no way Nick was going to go forward without Ché on his team.

Seann Miley Moore

The brilliance of Kate Bush is that every song she's ever produced is unique, and so with that Seann had to do something immensely impressive here to stand a shot. Luckily for him, he delivered and then some. His rendition of 'This Woman's Work' was powerful, emotional and really packed a punch, becoming one of the show's most exciting performances of all time.

Rita Ora - The Girls

Louisa Johnson

At just 17, Louisa is one of the most vocally impressive contestants on the show. With all that room to still continue growing and bringing new elements to her sound, it's no wonder she's the current favourite to win the whole thing.

Lauren Murray

Just happy to be a part of the competition, Lauren was visibly exciting throughout her entire performance and that confidence in herself is inspiring. She's loving every moment of the experience she's been given and could go the distance.

Kiera Weathers

Kiera making the finals over Monica shocked some, but she's a woman who's managed to pull out some incredible performances in the past, despite a shaky start to her song at Judges' Houses. She could be one to watch, flying under the radar at first before blossoming into a star.

The X Factor's live shows start Saturday, October 31 at 8pm on ITV.

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