Couples Are Choosing To Marry Abroad

Couples Are Choosing To Marry Abroad

Although the wedding season is in the full swing, it seems that the British weather may have let many brides and grooms down, leading them to leave England for sunnier wedding destinations.

Research from MINTEL says that now, one in five couples are marrying abroad to guarantee that their wedding day will be full of sunshine and bliss. has looked into why couples are choosing hot climates for their wedding day, and what types of people are doing it.

Due to the cost of travel, many couples are trying to kill two birds with one stone and tying in their marriage with their travel plans.

Site co-founder Steph Bishop says, “Typically, 62% of our visitors are woman aged between 25-34, hoping to combine their wedding with exploring a part of the world, they have never travelled to before.”

The site’s research found that 70 per cent of those marrying abroad earn between £30-50k per year and 58 per cent have a university education.

It seems that being childless really allows you to spread your wings as 60 per cent of those who go away for their wedding don’t have children.’s users seem to be very organised as 93 per cent of them book their wedding a year or more in advance, and 83 per cent of them plan and organise it from their computers in the evenings.

Many might think that marrying abroad is much more expensive, but you can do it on pretty much any budget.

Steph says, “Regarding wedding budget, there is no strong trend amongst our site users. However the majority of the destination weddings being currently planned through our partners will, in total, cost less than £20,000. We found that 29% of couples are planning to spend £5,000 or under, 36% will spend £10,000 or under, and 36% will spend £20,000 or under, on marrying abroad.”

It seems that couples aren’t afraid to splash out for their second wedding. Ten per cent of the site users that marry away from home are marrying for the second time.

Steph says, “For a few years now, we have experienced a trend of couples wanting a second wedding to be completely different to their first – in terms of location and ceremony. Hence, opting to wed on a tropical beach, snow-capped mountain or in a famous city overseas can have great appeal.”

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