Would You Have A Disney Themed Wedding?

Would You Have A Disney Themed Wedding?

You’re planning to renew your vows to the one you love; some would have a lavish ceremony filled with extravagance, some would have a beach reception in their favourite holiday spot and the very unique few would have a Disney themed renewal.

That’s exactly what Julie and Jason Webb Flint did. For their China wedding anniversary they donned Minnie and Mickey Mouse costumes to show their love for Disney and each other.

Not only did they dress up, but the entire wedding party and guests took hold of the theme to make it extra special for the happy couple.

The couple, who married 20 year ago, spent their honeymoon in Disneyland and still love the magical world of Disney today.

Julie hadn’t planned to renew her vows this way, she said, “It started off as a bit of a joke, but everyone loved it and it went on from there.

“One of my friends asked if we were going to do something outlandish so I said ‘yes, it’s fancy dress’.

“I said the theme was Disney, thinking nothing of it. But suddenly everyone was looking online and finding who they wanted to be.”

The service saw 70 of their closest family and friends dress up and come together to wish them both well in the rest of their lives together.

The traditional wedding music was replaced with Disney tunes and even the Reverend danced to the music inside the church as well as performing the ceremony dressed as Friar Tuck from Robin Hood.

Julie said, “We all had a great day. It was so relaxed and informal. Even inside the church, the reverend was dancing to Disney tunes.

“The reverend said many things you never expect to hear in church - like ‘you now may take off your heads’. It was really funny.

“Everyone looked fantastic and really made a day we will never forget. The boys thought it was fantastic too.'

Julie and Jason’s sons, Liam and Luke joined in, dressing up as Donald Duck and Goofy and Liam was even lucky enough to give his mum away at the altar.

The family often visit Disneyland and have been on Disney theme cruises, so it seemed only right to have a Disney themed wedding.

Jason said, “There has been too much doom and gloom in the world in recent years, so we just wanted a fun day. We both really like Disney - we are kids ourselves really. We will never forget that day.”

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