Brides are turning to Pinterest to help plan their wedding

Brides are turning to Pinterest to help plan their wedding

The world is going crazy for Pinterest, and at the forefront of all the fuss are the women who are finding out just how brilliant it is for planning their Big Day. So how can you make the most of it?


Pinterest is flooded with new images from users around the world on a daily basis - from colour schemes you would never have thought of, to clever DIY ideas and dress styles. As well as pinning your own inspiration from any websites you visit, on Pinterest you can search out other wedding-planning pinners (with a strong majority of female users there will be plenty of them) and follow their boards too.

Lauren Skow, an estate agent planning a destination wedding for this August did it all using Pinterest. She says:

I don't think there's one aspect of our wedding that I didn't use Pinterest for

“The bulk of my wedding ideas came from other pinners on Pinterest. I soon gave up on searching Google for inspiration and started searching Pinterest almost exclusively.”

"I don't think there's one aspect of our wedding that I didn't use Pinterest for."

Each pin links back to the website that it originally from, so you will always be able to track down what it is that you love.


The main benefit of using Pinterest is that it becomes a hub of all your ideas. If you pin something to your board you know exactly where to find it when you want it, saving you from flicking back through magazines and trawling through your browsing history.

“When I first started planning I was sifting through countless bridal magazines and I would search websites tirelessly looking for ideas, but then couldn’t remember where I had seen the ideas that I liked,” Lauren says, “ I started to feel stressed and scattered with too many ideas floating around in my head.”

You can indulge your organisational side with pin boards for different things – one for your flowers, one for your dress and one for colour schemes.

“Seeing all of my ideas on one screen side-by-side was extremely useful,” Lauren says, “I didn’t have to carry bridal magazines or a planning book with me and I was able to re-evaluate my wedding board and delete items I no longer liked.”


Whether you hire a wedding planner, rope in family and friends or want to run everything by the groom before the big day, Pinterest can be used as a communication tool, too.

Send your wedding planner links to you pin boards so they can get a sense of what you like and don’t like, if your friends are users ‘@’ them in a comment to ask their opinion on a picture, and with your well-organised boards you can show your fiancé all of your ideas at once.

For Lauren and her long-distance wedding planner, Pinterest was key to keeping each other in the loop. She says:  “When my planner asked for my ideas on décor or floral bouquets, I was able to send her my pins for quick reference.” Because, although Pinterest can do a lot, there are limits to its usefulness. “I still could not have planned our destination wedding without our actual wedding planner, ” explains Lauren, “Pinterest, of course, doesn’t schedule suppliers, call the florist on your behalf, or plan your wedding day itinerary!”

After all that wedding planning you’ll need a honeymoon, and you can sort that on Pinterest too - the land where dreamy destinations and cool hotels are just as easy to pin down as wedding dresses and bouquets.


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