Grooms are Becoming More Involved with Weddings

Grooms are Becoming More Involved with Weddings

A woman’s wedding is known as the most amazing day of their lives, but also the most stressful due to the organisation that gets put into it.

Traditionally, it was the woman and her bridesmaids who arranged and organised the entire wedding but now grooms are making sure they have as much input as they can.

Shockingly, over half of grooms will now choose the wedding venue and a third will help with choosing the cake for the big day.

A spokesman for Austin Reed wedding hire-wear, who commissioned the research, said, “This research shows most couples tackle the arrangements for the big day jointly.

“There has always been an assumption that it’s brides who call the shots regarding the big day, but due to the huge cost of weddings now it makes sense the responsibility is shared.

“Naturally there are going to be elements of any wedding which are more suited to the bride or groom – nobody expects the groom to get fully absorbed in discussions about the bridesmaids hair for example – but it’s important there is room for the groom to stand out on his big day too.”

There are specific jobs that men are charged with such as haggling. Everyone knows that men like a good haggle to get items for the best prices possible and a third of the grooms are expected to do this.

Other tasks the groom is to undertake are hiring the band, picking out suits for the best men, ushers and dads, and choosing the wedding car.

Sticking with tradition, 52 per cent of women say their parents have contributed to their wedding but 44 per cent of grooms also say that their parents have paid out for the big day.

However, with growing financial worries, a lot of couples are forced to foot the bill for themselves.

Thankfully, all the money is considered well spent as three quarters of married couples say they do not regret the money they spent on their wedding as it was the happiest day of their lives.

Grooms getting hands on admittedly made it a lot easier and gave couples a better day with 60 per cent of couples saying the groom had been a lot more hands on, which had benefitted them due to the scale of the wedding.

The groom organising the wedding may be the pattern of the future with 42 per cent of people saying they believe the groom is just as capable.

And with 5 per cent of men choosing the flowers, something traditionally off-limits to grooms, we could be seeing the wedding scene change!

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