Does Life Really Begin At 40?

Does Life Really Begin At 40?

A new group of women aged 40 plus are proving it does, new research has revealed - meet ‘Generation Y-Not!’ who are more confident than ever, and four times happier than women under 40.

Never ask a woman her age we’ve always been told, but for today’s over 40s, age has become irrelevant.   Women aged 40 plus have become ageless.  Life is about attitude and experience, and these women have broken with tradition and are now breaking all the rules.

That’s because the social boundaries that once defined women are shifting and the rules have changed - in fact there are no rules and this new ‘Generation Y-Not!’ of women refuse to be pigeon-holed. 
The survey by Woman & Home magazine reveals they don’t need to lie about their age. 

A staggering 90% of women claim to have never lied about their age and in fact feel young anyway, with almost half saying they feel five years younger than they actually are and one in seven, 10 years younger. 

Generation Y Not! feel more confident about their looks and their style the older they have become.  Many would rather grow old gracefully than consider cosmetic surgery, preferring to make the most of their natural selves.

Jennifer Aniston’s recent comments that her 40s are infinitely better than her 30s and Lorraine Kelly saying it has never been easier for women to look better and feel healthier, seem to ring true with many of these women. 

Women surveyed agree that they get better with age with almost half saying they have become more confident as they have got older and one in five saying they have never felt better.

And this newfound confidence is further demonstrated by the fact that over half of all women would not consider cosmetic procedures, perhaps inspired by real and remarkably glamorous natural women such as Helen Mirren, Joanna Lumley, Annie Lennox and Twiggy.

When it comes to style half of all women are happy to trust their own instincts over and above anyone else’s, and two thirds say while they like to stay up to date and pick up on new trends they don’t follow fashion slavishly. 

They’ll wear what they like and what suits them. 
So why is this new ‘Generation Y Not!’ so much happier and more confident than their mother’s generation?  And why is life after 40 becoming the best time of our lives?