Lulu Joins The Fabafterfifty Panel Of Experts And Talks About Reinvention

Reinvention and not retirement is the name of the game, according to Fabafterfifty members.  Age is a number not an excuse for not living life to the full!  Lulu joins the ‘expert’ panel and encourages women to reinvent themselves and not let life pass them by. Many are looking at reinvention rather than retirement as they plan their futures., the free inspirational website and community for women highlights the positive aspects and achievements of women who have passed their first half century.

Says Lulu,” It’s easy to sit back and ‘put our feet up’ once we’ve reached a certain age.  We think we’ve accomplished all we can and seen all we’re meant to see.  Too many people believe life has passed them by and lose their “lust” for life!  In the entertainment business, you must always be open to changes and opportunities as they present themselves.”

Far from being invisible, and fading into the background, women over 50 are reinventing themselves and relishing the opportunity to shine.  Far from being shrinking violets, these real women are showing their peers and younger counterparts that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. Some have overcome adversity in the form of bereavement, illness and divorce. Others are simply appreciating the opportunities experience and wisdom can bring. They are setting up new businesses, pursuing second careers, climbing mountains, publishing novels, travelling the world.

As we live longer we need to rethink attitudes towards ageing. Fifty is not old, simply the start of another chapter. With working lives extended women in particular have to be open to new opportunities and be ready and able to take advantage of them.

Fabafterfifty is delighted to have Lulu join the ‘expert’ team ensuring women make the best of their lives.  Her own transition from entertainer to founder of a skincare range in her 60s shows that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself.  

As well as inspiration from ‘real women’ has expert advice on careers, style, finance, dating, health, hair, make-up, fitness and diet,  all relevant to women at this time of their lives. To ensure women look as well as feel ‘fab’ our ‘experts’ include celebrity make-up artist Ariane Poole, hairdresser Andrew Barton, and anti-ageing practitioner Dr Tracy Mountford

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