Myleene explained her ovaries were hurting after the day

Myleene explained her ovaries were hurting after the day

Myleene Klass was left feeling broody after she launched Build It For Babies and took a hand at being a midwife for the day. 

This past Tuesday, Myleene tried her hand at a new profession to launch the new Save the Children campaign which will save the lives of thousands of new-born babies in Bangladesh.

After the event, the singer and presenter tweeted: "On midwife duty. OMG. My ovaries hurt, I don't wana give them back! #builditforbabies"

Save the Children is looking to raise £1 million to build seven maternal health clinics in the north east of Bangladesh, to help more than 3,500 newborn babies each year survive their first crucial weeks of life.  Myleene turns midwife for a day to show how essential maternal healthcare is in those crucial first hours of a baby’s life.

Working alongside a busy maternity team at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, new Save the Children ambassador, Myleene will work with midwives as they meet expectant mothers, comfort nervous fathers and experience first-hand what it takes to keep Mums and babies safe. She will be joined by an army of midwives from all over the UK who will be passing on their expertise to Myleene and spearheading the ‘Build it for Babies’ campaign back in their regions.

After visiting Bangladesh with Save the Children earlier this year, Myleene has already seen first-hand the conditions that some women give birth in that inspired her to support this campaign:

“Early this year I took part in an emotional yet inspiring trip to Bangladesh with Save the Children. I saw first-hand the daily struggle mothers go through before and after they give birth. It’s heartbreaking to think that women in this region of Bangladesh have to walk 6 miles and pay a month’s wages if they want to deliver their babies at a health clinic. At home we take this healthcare for granted. I implore you to support the ‘Build it for Babies’ appeal.  Just £5 can buy a brick to make one of the much needed health clinics.” 

The clinics will provide vital, life-saving medical services to more than 150,000 people per year currently cut off from any proper kind of healthcare. Those willing to lend their support can make a £5 donation and buy a brick  to help build the clinics, pay for a piece of medical equipment or give £150 to fund the salary of a paramedic for a month.  Donations can be made via Save the Children's Build it for Babies virtual clinic microsite:

Save the Children Chief Executive Justin Forsyth said: “Bangladesh is one of the worst countries in the world to start a life. 8 out of 10 mothers give birth in their home without a skilled health worker present, putting their own lives, and the lives of their babies at risk. We appeal to the British public to donate so we can build clinics to help us stop these needless deaths”.

To donate go to:

Call us on 0800 8148 148 to donate now

Text BRICK TO 70008 to buy a brick and help build a clinic

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