The Secret to Sucess Are The People Around You

The Secret to Sucess Are The People Around You

Despite 37% of all UK adults thinking that their success is down to their own merits, over a third (38%) think it is mostly down to the core people in their life.

Sarah Storey, Paralympic cyclist and Links of London ambassador, believes that there are five core people in her life which have impacted and been invaluable to her progress in becoming a leading gold medal athlete.

Sarah is supporting Links of London’s ‘Circle of 5’ campaign, which suggests we rely on a core group of 5 people to be successful.

Dr Rob Yeung is a psychologist and researcher on success. Dr Yeung believes that the role each of the 5 people plays, falls into particular categories:  Someone who inspires you, supports you, mentors you, someone you can escape with or confide in.

Adding to this, the research commissioned by Links of London shows that 91% of all UK adults also look to family and friends, rather than famous people when finding role models.