What can you do?

What can you do?

The number of calls reporting domestic violence during the festive season are particularly high, what would you do if you heard it happening?

Nearly one in five murders in London are the result of Domestic Violence and with the majority of violence taking place behind closed doors, it’s often only witnessed by those or overheard by neighbours.

Snipe.at pointed out recently that, "the latest figures show there were 119,794 reported incidents of domestic violence in London in 2010 [...] that’s an 18% rise on 2009."

Currently over half of all incidents in England and Wales go unreported with victims often frightened to contact the police.

To help address the situation of domestic violence, the police no longer solely depend on the victims to contact them. If the public alerts them at the time of the violence, then they can take action.

MET Police said: “How would you respond if you overheard a domestic violence incident? Would you call 999 or ignore what’s going on next door?”

Watch the video below and see what your answer is...

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